How our Casino Affiliation Network can work for You, the Webmaster

The Star Partner Casino Affiliation Network was specifically designed to meet the needs of modern webmasters and other industry representatives who are interested in generating extra income. The casino affiliate program utilizes some of the most technologically advanced devices to assist webmasters in maximizing their earning potential.

How it works for you in brief:

  • Commission of up to 50% per month.
  • Detailed and transparent reporting.
  • Remain committed to offering the best banner and content design.
  • Allowing up to 10 web sites per affiliate - with up to 1,000 unique tracking codes per casino, for each web site.
  • No negative monthly carry-overs.
  • Dedicated, multi-lingual Affiliate support.

What We Do:

Star Partner is a Casino Affiliation Network that allows web site affiliates to make money by generating real-money players at Star Partners’ partner casino rooms. Star Partner is not itself an online casino room.


  • Once you have completed a simple five minute registration process, you can commence adding banners and other advertising material to your web site and start earning revenue.
  • We offer you the potential to earn hundreds, even thousands, of dollars per month from just one referral. Every player that you refer across our partner gaming sites increases the commission percentage that you earn up to an incredible 50%.

You get:

  • A convenient one-stop approach to program administration and accounting for Affiliates.
  • A range of marketing material and a great banner, text and e-mail link generator makes it easy to add our casinos to your web site.
  • Complete support via telephone, e-mail and online chat.
  • Up-to-date information about upcoming and relevant events.
  • An opportunity to create cash flow in your bank account


  • Trust and credibility are unquestioned - all casinos use the very popular and reputable Microgaming Software. Independent auditors review these payout percentages.


How the Casino Affiliate Program Works:

  • By generating visitor traffic to our client's casino sites that results in the registration of Real Players, you earn referral commission.
  • As an affiliate you will earn referral commission for each player that you refer per month, as your web site ID is linked to their account and will be tracked each time they play.
  • We even serve the banners for you; just copy some html code provided by that contains a unique URL and tracking code. Through using this code on your web site, any players referred by your site are tracked and added to your stats and commissions.
  • You can create up to 1,000 campaigns for your web site, per casino. This means in depth reporting to the nth degree on where exactly your commission is coming from. You can use one banner tag on your homepage, and a different one on your e-mailing campaign. We will track them both, and report to you accordingly!
  • If your total casino profit for the month is negative, the negative value will never be carried over to the next month.

Program Benefits

  • Low churn - The industry average for player retention is in excess of six months, and we are continuously devising new promotions and incentives to keep your players playing longer. Every dollar wagered by traffic generated from your site, flows to you through increased commissions.
  • Strong Conversion Ratio - Not all players who click on a banner displayed on your site are going to sign up as a real player. The average conversion ratio of our partner casinos is between 1% and 2%, a rate driven by the fact that all use Microgaming Software.
  • Up to Date Statistics - ensures that you are given credit for the visitors and players that you direct to the partner casino sites. supplies you with the most detailed and transparent reporting.
  • Secure Access - Webmasters have access to a secure, password protected statistics page, where online access to data that is updated daily is provided.
  • Online Support - we respond to emails promptly, we also offer live chat facility to talk to a customer service representative for any queries or concerns you may have.